Sunday, December 2, 2012


Today I'm doing my first post for Blogging Marathon.I opted for traditional recipes & for this day I made " Chivda " as my recipe.

1 Cup thick poha
2 Tbs Peanuts 
2 Tbs fried channa dal ( Veyinchina senaga pappu)
1 Tsp Mustard 
Few curry leaves 
Pinch of turmeric
2 Tbs ghee 
1 Tsp Mixed chilli powder (Chilli+Fennel+Coriander seeds)
1 Tsp sugar

Heat a pan with oil and add mustard & curry leaves.Once the mustard starts jumping then add peanuts & fried channa dal.

Keep stirring them for 3mins.Then add the poha to pan & stir fry them till they are crisp. To that add turmeric,salt, chilli power & sugar. mix them well for 2 mins and switch of heat.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Quick & Easy Recipes

As the name says I'm hosting an event for "Quick & Easy Recipes". I have couple of reasons on hosting this event in that the first one is " somedays I just want to kick back & relax my day with less work on my head" & the second is  
"about all the women who are busy with household work & professional life".So I came up with this event to make a collection of all possible easy recipes here at my blog & make all our life a little easier.

Here are the simple rules for the event :
  • Vegetarian dishes only.
  • Post it in your blog and link back the recipe to my event.
  • Use of logo is appreciated.
  • Can send in multiple entries.
  • Event starts from 26th of Nov 2012 & ends on 26th Dec 2012.
  • For any questions you can mail me to or you can just leave a comment to my Facebook page Ammaji Recipes.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tomato Noo Perugu Pachadi | Tomato Sesame Curd Chutney

I'm sharing a easy breezy recipe for people with busy life style.A familier chutney for many of us still I wanted to make a post of it in my blog. 

2 Tomatoes sliced
2 Cups of curd
2 Tbs of grounded sesame powder (Nuvvula podi)
1 Tsp oil
Pinch of turmeric
1 Tbs oil 
1 Tsp channa dal 
1 Tsp urad dal 
1 Tsp mustard 
1 Tsp jeera
3 Green chilli's (Slit them in middle)
Few curry leaves
Pinch of hing

Heat a pan with oil and add tomatoes to it. Sprinkle turmeric & salt to pan.Cook tomatoes in a low heat. When tomatoes turn soft switch off heat & allow tomatoes to cool.

Now add curd & sesame powder to tomatoes.
Heat a pan with oil add channa dal, urad dal to pan fry them for few sec's. Then add mustard,jeera & Green chili.Once the mustard starts jumping add hing & curry leaves to pan. Switch off heat & add the seasoning to chutney.  


1.  You can replace sesame power with mustard powder or you can just serve simple without the powders. 
2. Replace tomatoes with any water based vegetable. 

Serve it with rice & njoy it. 

Monday, November 19, 2012


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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Moong Dal Sundal

We had a splendid Navratri this year.Performed all the rituals which are supposed to be done on these days, attended pooja 's at temple & last but not the least had a nice time @ "Festival of lights " celebrated in San Diego. So after a busy 9 days now I'm just waiting for Diwali to roll on.
On Navratri days we offer goddess durga prashad made of moongdal or channa dal on all 9days. I mostly make "Pulagam" which we cook rice with little of moong dal & offer it along with ghee & jaggery. For one of 9days I made moong dal sundal as prashad to offer. 
Prep Time - 1hr +5mins {Soak time + prep time}
Cook Time - 15mins
Serves - 3 to 4 people

1Cup moong dal
2Cups water
1/2Cup grated coconut {Adjust as needed}
Salt to taste
1Tbs oil
1Tsp mustard seeds
1Tsp jeera
2Red chili's
- Soak moong dal in water for at least an hour. After 1hr strain water & keep aside.
In a vessel take 2Cups water & bring it to boil. To that add the strained moong dal. 
- Cook on low to medium heat for at least 10mins. Stir in once in a while. 
- Take few dal using a spoon or laddle. Check if it is cooked by pressing dal. If it is, switch off heat & if not, then cook for some more time.
- Heat a pan with oil. To that add mustard, jeera & red chili's. 
- Once mustard starts jumping add moong dal to pan along with salt.
- Mix them well. Cook till left over water evaporates. - Add coconut & switch off heat
- Serve it as it is or with rice.
- Pressure cook moong dal for 1 whistle. (We don't want the dal to be mushy). Allow it to cool for sometime & follow the sets in making it.
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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Chamadumpa Vepudu | Seppankizhangu Fry | Taro Root Fry | Arbi Sabji

Some dishes taste so good that you make them the same way 'n' number of times & still enjoy that as your first time.My mom makes this dish & I copied it from her. This is a easy & healthy style of enjoying this recipe.
Few days back I received a mail for this dish.

9 Big taro root
4 Tbs oil
1Tsp mustard 
2 Tbs besan ( Senaga pindi)
2 Tsp chilli ( Adjust acc. to your taste)
Few curry leaves

To start off cook the taro roots using a pressure cooker.If not you can boil them in a big vessel with water & can check with a knife if they are cooked or not.
Once cooked allow them to cool down & peel the skin off. Cut them in equal size thin pieces.

Heat a pan with 1tbs of oil then add mustard & curry leaves to it. Once the mustard starts jumping add the cut taro pieces to pan.Sprinkle besan on them while mixing carefully.

Cook it in a medium heat for 5mins.Then add 1tbs oil & mix it.

After 10mins the fry looks similar to this. Then sprinkle salt & chilli powder along with 1tbs oil.Mix them well.Fry them on low heat for another 10mins to get a crispy texture.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Beerakaya Pachadi | Peechinga Thogayal | Ridge Gourd Chutney

Ridge gourd chutney is one of my favorite dish & it is also my mom's recipe. I loved the balanced taste of tanginess & sweet in it.I used a whole ridge gourd without peeling it. The skin of ridge gourd gives a beautiful texture to the chutney & won't make the it gooey. 
I'm linking this chutney to my event "Pickles & chutneys" which ended on Oct4th. I want to take a moment & thank one and all who  participated in my event. Click on the above link to explore the delicious dishes posted by fellow bloggers. 

1 Big ridge gourd
6 Green chili's
2 Garlic pods
1 Tbs tamarind
1 Tbs grated jaggery 
For Seasoning
1 Tsp mustard seeds 
1 Tsp Jeera 
1 Tsp coriander seeds
1 Tsp seasame 
6 Red chili's
Few methi seeds
1 Tbs oil

Heat a pant with 1tbs oil. Then add the seasoning ingredients to pan and fry them for 2 mins. Check carefully that seasoning won't burn.Allow it to cool & transfer it to mixie/Grinder.In the same pan add the chopped ridge gourd & garlic. Fry them for 1 min & then close them with a lid.Allow them to cook & switch off heat.
First grind the seasoning then add the cooked ridge gourd, tamarind,green chili's, jaggery last comes the salt. Grind them coarsely & check if the the taste is balancing. 

Serve chutney with rice & a dollop of ghee.

Black and White Wednesday

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Monday, October 1, 2012

Rava Ladoo

These days as mentioned in my previous post I'm just killing time without knowing what to do. Then there came a thought of making ravva ladoo's which are our favorite. So here they are as virtual treats to you all.
Ravva ladoo is a very easy to make recipe. It is one of my favorites & always in a must have list.I had a pooja coconut sitting on my counter for last one month & I was confused what to do with it. Then yesterday I came in agreeing my thoughts & made these yummy ladoo's.

But before that I arranged this deco & which I wanted to share with you all. I used the nirmalya flowers (Flowers used for before days pooja) in this deco.

2 Cups sooji/ bombai rava
1 Cup sugar
1&1/2 Cups grated coconut
3 Tbs ghee or butter
1/2 Cup chopped walnuts
1Tsp elachi powder
4 Tbs milk 

In a small pan take 1tbs ghee along with chopped walnuts.Fry them for 2mins & switch off heat.

Now heat a wide pan with 2tbs ghee.Add sooji to pan & fry it till you get a nice aromatic smell. Now in process you might even burn sooji too.So to avoid it keep sautéing the pan for 3&1/2 to 4mins.Switch off heat & transfer it carefully to a heat resistant bowl. To that add grated coconut, sugar, walnuts & elachi powder.Add milk to the mixture & form them in to ladoo's. Be carful as the mixture will be a little hot.

Allow them to cool for 15mins so that they will become a little firmer & will be easy to handle. Store them in a air tight container & enjoy them.

1. Store them in a airtight container. 
2. shelf life is for 3 to 4 days. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Scrambled Tofu Curry

Some days it's very hard for the day to pass on & I'm in a getting bored phase these days. Hubby being busy at office with work & him not even coming for lunch makes me a lone person whole day with doing nothing.
Coming to this curry I have to say it's a replacement to egg burji for vegetarians & vegans too.As you all know tofu is filled with protein so it won't be a bad idea to include it in our daily diet.

2 Cups of scrambled tofu
1 Cup chopped onions
2 Green chili's
1/4 Cup green peas
1 Tomato 
1 Tsp red chili powder
1 Tsp coriander cumin powder
Cilantro for garnish
For seasoning 
1 Tsp mustard
1 Tsp jeera
1 Tbs oil

Making scrambled tofu:

Generally tofu is stored in water.In order to make it edible first we have to remove excess water out of it. So I generally cover tofu in a cheese cloth & place mortar on it or something heavy. Leave it for 20 mins so the excess water will be squeezed out. Later remove tofu from cheese cloth & scramble it. 

Heat a pan with oil to that add mustard & jeera.Add onion to pan when the mustard starts jumping. Fry them translucent and then add green chili's,peas & diced tomato to pan.Add salt to them & close pan with a lid. Allow it cook for 5mins & then add scrambled tofu to pan.
Saute it for 10mins till then tofu comes out spongy by loosing all the water to heat.Sprinkle some red chili & coriander cumin powder to pan & saute them for 3 more mins.Switch off heat & garnish it with cilantro. 

1. Add some garlic for much more flavor. 
2. I used both green chili's & chili powder but you can avoid any of them to lessen the spiciness in curry. 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Vanilla cake with butter cream frosting

I made a vanilla cake with butter cream frosting on the occasion of my hubby's b'day. The cake came out super duper delicious & finger licking. 
Frankly I'm not a good cake baker. I make them once in a blue moon & then too I fail twice before I get a perfect cake.So to avoid all this headache I got this fool proof recipe from food network as once suggested by my cousin. Coming to recipe I made the cake from scratch but I used a store brought cream frosting. 

For Vanilla cake
1&1/2 Cups cake flour
1 Tsp baking soda
1/2 Tsp salt
1 Cup sugar
1/2 Cup hot water
1 Tsp vanilla extract
1/2 Cup curd
1 Large egg or 2 small ones
1/2 Cup olive oil
For Filling 
1/2 Cup non-fat whip cream
2 Tbs strawberry Jam 
1 Can butter cream frosting
Grated chocolate & chocolate pieces for garnish

Making cake : 
Preheat oven @ 350 degrees. Butter up a bowl for baking 7 keep aside.Sift all the dry ingredients in a bowl. In another bowl add the wet ingredients other then hot water & beat them together. Now mix the wet with dry ingredients & last add the hot water to it & beat them smoothly. 
Now pour the batter in to buttered bowl & bake it @ 350 degrees for 20 to 25 mins. Take a tooth pick and insert in to cake. If it comes out clean switch off heat & remove cake from oven.Allow it to cool on table top for 1hr to 2hrs.

Filling & Frosting:
In a bowl mix the whip cream & strawberry jam together. Now take the cake & horizontally cut the cake in to 2 halves. On the down layer spread the filling smoothly & place the other half on it. 
Now take the butter cream and spread it smoothly around the cake & decorate it as you like. 

We just loved the outcome of the cake. The layers were moist with the sweet filling & the butter cream was all buttery as my husband wanted. 

To make a chocolate cake just add 1/2 cup of coco powder to the mix. 

Sending this recipe to :
1. Bake Fest event hosted by Archana of  The Mad Scientist's Kitchen
2. Virtual Birthday Party event hosted by Cook-Eat-Burrrp
3. Romantic Candle Lit Dinner Event hosted by Roha

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pappulo Undralu | Moong Dal Kozhukattai

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi friends.. 
Here is a peek of ganesha from our home.This year upon my hubby's request I made two clay ganesha's (Bala ganesha & Big ganesha) & decorated big ganesha with crystals.

Big Ganesha

Bala Ganesh

For the prasadam I made undaralu,pappulo undaralu & pulihora. Today I'm sharing pappulo undarala recipe with you all.

1&1/2 Cups milk
1/2 Cup moong dal
1/2 Cup rice flour
1 Cup water 
3 Tbs sugar 
1/2 Cup grated jaggery 
2 Tbs ghee
1 Tbs of chopped almonds & dry fruits 

Pressure cook moong Dal & keep aside.Heat a vessel with water & sugar.Allow water to boil then add rice flour slowly while mixing it.Mix it till the rice flour forms as a dough. Switch of heat and cool.Add 1tbs of ghee to dough & knead it. Now take small portions and make balls with them.Follow the same with rest of the dough & keep aside.

Take milk & moong dal in a pan  & bring them to boil. Then add the undaralu to the mixture on by one. Now add jaggrey & elachi to pan & mix them well with dal.Switch off heat & take a small pan with ghee & chopped dry fruits. Fry them for 2mins & add them to the undaralu. 

1. Add 4tbs grated coconut while the milk & dal boiling for better taste.