Friday, January 10, 2014

Vankaya Pulusu Pachadi | Eggplant Pulusu

Vankaya Pulusu Pachadi

Vankaya pulusu pachadi is a delicious dish made of grilled brinjal. This dish has that char taste that comes from brinjal & definitely you would love to enjoy it again & again. The best combination for this dish is kandi pachadi as both the flavors work very well.

Vankaya Pulusu Pachadi
Prep Time-10mins | Cook Time-30mins | Yields-4servings 
1Big vankaya /brinjal (American Eggplant)
1/2Cup finely chopped onion
1Tbs jaggery
3Green chillies sliced
1Tbs oil
1Tsp mustard 
1Tsp jeera 
2Red chili's cut equally
1Tsp methi powder 
1Tsp hing
Few curry leaves
- Grill eggplant / brinjal. I grilled them on a gas stove. If not you can bake them( I never done this but read in many blogs). Peel off skin, mash it & keep them aside.
- Now in a large bowl add mashed brinjal, onions, tamarind pulp, jaggery, green chilli's & salt. 
- Mix the ingredients well. Adjust salt & sweetness if needed. 
-Heat a pan with oil. To that add mustard, jeera, red chili's & curry leaves. Once the mustard starts jumping add hing & methi powder. Switch off heat & mix it with the chutney.

Vankaya Pulusu Pachadi
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